Ah! Belize-imo!!!

As a kid, I couldn’t get over my addiction for the mint with the hole. Now, after setting eyes on this wicked design of nature, I suspect I’ll have trouble getting over the hole with the mint (green waters)! 😆 This what they call life coming a full circle, eh? 😉 Great Blue Hole, Belize City, USA That was the Great Blue Hole, gaping right back at you, perhaps just as open-mouthed as you are right now! 😛  A perfectly-rounded pool with azure waters calmer than the Buddha’s peaceful countenance, this sunken basin is actually one of many entrances to a 14km-long stretch of submarine caves! A fellow-blogger, TahitianGoddess, describes this natural wonder brilliantly: 2013-06-25 00_12_37-Great Blue Hole, Belize _ I'd rather be living in Bora Bora A cross-sectional view of the Blue Hole shows it to resemble a bust, the headless figures you see in those lingerie shops! 😛


There’s of course the widely-photographed mouth, followed by a vertical cylindrical neck that opens into a roomy cavern sprouting frighteningly beautiful stalactites from its sturdy shoulders. blue-hole-diving scuba-diving-the-giant-blue-hole The farthest most divers have managed is between 100 to 170 feet. Less than half the entire depth of the trough! The final chamber is the stomach, a place that lies almost 400 feet down below. No one usually reaches here for they must first battle those deadly limestone incisors waiting in the shadows to slice them right open. I fervently pray that the Great Blue Hole eventually taunts the hydrophobic in me enough to let go. It’d sure be a shame to enjoy this marvel merely by sitting in front of the screen of my Apple! 😆 Quick Facts: What: The Great Blue Hole  Where: Near Belize, Central America. Approx 50 miles off the Belizean coast. For Whom: A certified haven for marine conservationists, scuba divers and naturalists.