A Ghouly Baoli

Hello lovely peeps! Been a long time since I last visited my own blog 😛

Horror movies are all that’s on television these days, so I think the world (wide web) is gonna see a lot more of me 😀

Speaking of spookfests, What Lies Beneath was the first that I was unwittingly dragged to whilst in my first year of college. Since then, I’ve developed an acute case of hydrophobia. I’m shit scared of all water bodies, including the bucket in my bathroom! 😆

So I’m well aware that writing this piece might bring on a cardiac arrest but hey! You’ve got to conquer your fears, so here I am, feeling slightly reassured after reciting a quick rosary, all set to impart some gyaan on the Agrasen ki Baoli.


Built by Maharaja Agrasen in the Mahabharata era, this stone step-well is perhaps New Delhi’s best kept secret. It runs as deep as the surrounding buildings stand tall. As you descend deeper into the rock-hewn structure, the hairs on the back of your neck are sure to stand. The noisy capital just beyond its walls seems like it’s moved light years away. There’s only an unsettling gloom, fleeting shadows, shrieking bats and fluttering winged creatures that greet your heightened senses. Not to forget the thudding of your own heart and the echo of footsteps. Maybe yours, maybe not! Brrrrr!!!

Image Credit: hauntedindia.blogspot.in

Image Credit: hauntedindia.blogspot.in

If rumors are to be believed, up until a few years ago, filthy black waters would churn uneasily in the subterranean tank. These mystic waters seemed to ‘call out to’ troubled and depressed souls, who’d leap to their death without a moment’s hesitation. All this in a bid that the waters would rise with each suicide, and possibly engulf the entire city! 😯

Here’s a true eyewitness account of an unlucky soul:

2014-05-06 23_49_22-Top 10 India's Most Haunted Places - List Dose

This place screams paranormal! Despite it being a ticketless attraction, and that too in the vicinity of the hugely-famous Jantar Mantar, the Baoli receives very few footfalls. Log shaayad sochte honge kahin is eerie jagah mein chhu mantar na ho jaaye! 😉 😆

Quick Facts

What: Agrasen ki Baoli (step-well), a supposedly-haunted historical attraction smack in the middle of the Indian capital.

Where: On Hailey Road, Connaught Place, close to the Jantar Mantar.

For Whom: Prefer not to answer this one 😉