Me to the Mister: “Listen, let’s go to the ‘Door To Hell’ sometime soon.”

He: “Honey, I already did!”

Me: (outraged) “WHAT!!!???!!! WHEN???!!!???”

He:  (with a straight face)  “The day I walked through the chapel doors down the aisle with you!!!”  😆

While I socked him in the eye real good, I’m hoping he’ll be forgiving enough and sporting enough to make a trip with me YET AGAIN to the “Door to Hell” 😀 …the real one this time! 😉

Illuminating the dreary landscape of the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan is ‘The Door’, a blazing crater the size of a football field! 😯 It’s a place that can easily rival the most superbly constructed set of a Hollywood sci-fi flick! See for yourself!


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia


Image Courtesy: Flydime

The origin of this gigantic flaming pit makes for a rather interesting read. About 40 years ago, a couple of Soviet geologists tried to bottle natural gas from the said site for private gains. Their experiment turned out to be nothing short of an unforgivable ecological disaster when the earth under their drilling rig caved in, creating a gargantuan abyss spouting deadly gases! 😮

In a desperate bid to avoid further atmospheric poisoning, they threw a burning match in the gaping void 😯 hoping the fire would burn out the gas reserves completely. Well, it’s been 42 years and we’re still counting!

Here’s an explosive review (pun intended) 😉 courtesy 4GuysInACar!

2013-06-26 17_03_14-4 Guys in a Car_ Day 182 - The Burning Gates of Hell

As incredible as it sounds, it is an experience that has ‘MUST-VISIT’ etched in BIG BOLD LETTERS all across it.



The burning hole might burn a hole in your pocket 😉 what with it being in an exotic location and all, but make sure you set eyes on Lucifer’s earthly abode 😛 before the doors close permanently as ordered by the Turkmen President recently.


What: The Door To Hell/ Gates of Hell, a natural gas field that has been ablaze for over 4 decades!

Where: Derwaze/ Darwaza village in the middle of Karakum Desert, 260 kms north of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

For whom: For those who love all things bizarre!